Having taught  bridge classes and directed duplicate games for several years , I have created some booklets that contain pertinent information relating to the playing of duplicate ​​bridge. 

"Bridge Conventions and more..."
This booklet provides brief descriptions of some basic conventions (Jacoby Transfers, Stayman, Blackwood, Gerber, etc.) and also tips on Leads, Carding, Doubles and Discards along with much more information.​​ or the beginning player.​
Price:    $6

"Etiquette at Duplicate"​
For those new to the game of duplicate (knowing the rules makes duplicate a less formidable experience) and also for those who have played for a while and want to know more about it. Contains information for beginners as well as seasoned players.
Price:   $3​

"Additional Conventions and Items of Interest"
More conventions and also additional tips and "rules" to improve your game.​​
​​Price: $6

"Opening Leads"
Tips for making opening leads, deciding what card to lead and more.
Price: $5

"Carding, Discards & Leads"
Methods for carding, discarding and leading.​​​​​
Price: $4